Italy’s hot mineral spas: add these 3 to your bucket list

How lucky are we? In January 2020 we fulfilled a long held dream of visiting 3 of Italy’s favourite hot thermal mineral spas. When we ticked each thermal spa off our bucket list, we vowed to return to Italy as soon as possible in search of more Italian spa experiences.

Italy, as everyone knows, has amazing food, people and scenery. But add to that the abundance of hot mineral spas and we were hooked and definitely planned to come back.

However, in January 2020, neither we, nor the whole of Italy knew what was about to happen next.

Within weeks, the Coranvirus epidemic hit Northern Italy like a tornado.

Soon all borders were closed, towns locked down and tourism halted. Northern Italy was in a crisis of unprecedented proportions.

Fortunately, we had tickets to England as well as ongoing tickets to Australia (via Japan). By February 9th we were home in Sydney. We just made it back to Australia before the whole world began to shut down.

Sadly, our goal of returning to Italy in November is on hold. No one knows how long it will be before we can safely travel again. Currently, there are no flights out of Australia.

We don’t know what the future holds. All we do know is how grateful we are to have fulfilled our dreams when we could. For the past decade our motto has been ‘seize the day,’ and ‘do it while we can.’ Luckily we stuck to that motto and seized the day as much as we could.

Currently in lockdown in Sydney, we flick through our photos, sighing with relief that we acted on our instincts. Thank goodness we travelled to our dream places. It’s an old cliche but the saying ‘you never know what is around the corner’ still rings true. We certainly didn’t predict coronavirus and all its limitations.

Having said all that, we are confident that we will return to Italy. We may have to wait a while but we will definitely indulge in many more spas in Italy in the future.


Our first visit to Spas in Italy was truly amazing. We have already visited many spas in Europe and each one has its own unique character. But there was something really special about the Italian experience. We loved it.

Why did we love it?

  • strong focus on health and wellbeing
  • pure relaxation
  • serenity and beauty
  • energising
  • italian healthy food
  • thalassa spring waters are very hot

The 3 awesome spas we visited in January are situated in the regions of Lombardy and Veneto in Northern Italy. We highly recommend them.

AQUARDENS, le Terme di Verona

Aquardens is the largest thermal park in Italy. It is suitable for families. Rich in salt, bromine and iodine the water flows from the hot spring and into the pools. The water is 47 degrees celsius and 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

Swimming outdoors is very cosy even in the middle of winter. Check out these temperatures.

Aquardens Italy near Lake Garda
Aquardens hot thermal mineral springs Northern Italy near Lake Garda
Aquardens Northern Italy Lake Garda Map of Hot Springs
Northern Italy Aquardens near Lake Garda Hot Springs Thermal Baths Best of Lake Garda


Aquaria Thermal Spa, is situated next to the lake in Sirmione, one of Italy’s most stunning towns.



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